Wheel Spacers

A full range of general purpose wheel spacers for accurate positioning of reinforcing bars within formwork. Extensive range to covers a wide range of bar sizes and concrete cover. Radial, thin web design ensures correct, multi directional positioning with minimal

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Safety Caps

Injury on construction sites caused by exposed reinforcing bars is a serious problem for contractors. Pro-Caps are used to cover the end of exposed reinforcing bars during construction work, reducing the risks and avoiding serious injury to site personnel. Pro-Caps

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Pile Cage Spacers

Pile cage spacers are attached to the external steelwork of pile cages to ensure correct spacing of the steelwork from the shuttering, and the required concrete cover is maintained over the length of the pile. Pile cage spacers are circular

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Grade Plate Spacers

Grade Plate Spacers are used to support reinforcing on waterproof membranes and soft grade base material. The large base distributes the load and prevents damage. Grade Plate Spacers are available in several sizes offering cover from 40mm to 100mm. All

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Dowel Bar Sleeves

Dowel bar debonding sleeves are manufactured from high grade, flexible PVC and are designed to form a positive debonded dowelled joint in reinforced concrete construction. The use of Dowel Bar Sleeves overcomes the problems associated with paint, compounds, tapesand greases

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Screed Chairs

Screed chairs are supplied in component form for easy assembly. The threaded saddle allows for 50mm height adjustment on each chair. Standard building tube 22ID, 26OD is used for the support section. Code Max Bolt Pack Quantity SCB Screed chair

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Bolt Sleeve Cones

Cones are used with building tube to provide chamfered recess for tie bolts. Cones are removed and the recess grouted in. Code Max Bolt ID-OD Pack Quantity BSC20 16mm 20-25 500 BSC22 18mm 22-26 500 BSC26 22mm 24-28 500

Panel Pads

Panel pads are used to protect and separate precast panels during curing and storage. The pads are sized 150mm x 65mm and are manufactured from natural colour plastic to avoid colour contamination of the concrete. Code Description Pack Quantity PP150

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Chain Guards

Chain guards are used to protect the edges of precast products against damage from lifting chains or hawsers during lifting or transportation.